Can we start again?

Lets be a friends again!!!

Where there is no fights, no arguments, no expectations and no commitment.

Where there is no Ego and Pride.

 Where there is no rules.

Where there is just you and me.

She pressed a sent button. Worrying about, will he reply or not? Will he start a new relation again? Will he forgive her? Will he give her one more chance.

So many thoughts running in her mind. Tears were making her weak and losing all hope to back in her life.

But sometime miracles happens, one hour of thinking and waiting her phone blinked.

He Replied “YES”.

She got tears in her eyes but this time its for happiness to back in her life.

And in all these “Once again friendship won and Love lost”.

Richa S.❣️

10 thoughts on “Can we start again?”

  1. Hi, I had to hit follow when I saw the name of your blog, “through my eyes” was my first idea for my blog, but i wanted same domain name and it was not available, so I decided to be Whisper. I like your blog I’ll sticks for a while.

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